Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements.

As you know, Lewisville, Texas and the surrounding areas has severe storms that often result in hail and damaging winds. This can be detrimental to your personal property such as your vehicles, windows of your home, or anything else that may be outside. But, did you consider that your roof has suffered damage as well? Even after a minor hailstorm, we don’t think about any damage that may have occurred to the roof of our home. Hail damage to a roof can sometimes be hard to spot to the untrained eye. That's why it is advised to have a roofing company you can trust to perform a thorough roof inspection. You see, hail damage can have many negative effects on asphalt shingles. The most common is the loss of the granules that can expose the felt underneath. Other forms of damage are cracks in the shingles, exposed fiberglass, or a weakened self-seal strip. All of these lead to premature aging of your roof and therefore doesn’t allow your roof to protect your home as it should. Neglecting hail damage can eventually cause your roof to leak and eventually, complete failure of your roof system causing even bigger problems such as water damage. This can be very costly down the road.

At Energy Construction, we will provide an honest assessment of any damage that may have occurred and provide you with options to fix any roof damage. Often, the damage is minor and can be fixed by simply repairing the damaged portion of the roof. On rare occasions, the damage is so bad that a full roof replacement would be necessary. Either way, we will handle any insurance claims so that you don't have to. We will try to make the process as easy as possible because let's face it, you probably have plenty of other things to worry about.

Don’t ignore possible hail or storm damage, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Call us today to get a FREE roof inspection and have peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of.

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